Elijah Akeem Richardson has many people to thank for his upbringing. Most importantly each and every last elder within his family and church. To date EAR is currently an active member of New Life Covenant Church under the direction of Pastor John F. Hannah. EAR also has a host of mentors, advisors, and influential people, however; there are three important individuals whom require individualized recognition. Both parents: JoAnn Richardson, Prince Richardson, and god- mother Rhonda Rodgers.

Elijah Akeem Richardson born in Chicago IL is a native of the south side Englewood area. His education begun at Holy Angles Catholic School and continued to Percy L. Julian High School. Simultaneously EAR was receiving enriched spiritual learning through Hope Presbyterian Church. It was there that he developed his foundation of spiritual being and thirst for the Lord. EAR continued his education to Southern Illinois University; studying Psychology, Political Science Pre-Law, and Criminology. It was there that he developed his passion for the helping profession and found fulfillment in giving back to the community in hopes of advancing others. Pursuing a Master of Artsin Clinical Mental Health at Chicago State University aids in his versatility  and ability to understand and relate to others. Having value in formal education, family/friends, and integrity comes to no surprise to those who know EAR.

To date EAR is currently affiliated with two entrepreneurship organizations: Rich Estates LLC and The EAR Foundation NFP. It is because of these two ventures that EAR is relevant. Rich Estates LLC is a management company aimed at helping underprivileged individuals excel in the business area. Currently the focus is on real estate property but its purpose is to be a management company that aids in small business advancement. The EAR Foundation is a NFP which has an obligation to serve the community as a whole. A community of advisors and community liaisons have an EAR to what is needed and implement events, workshops, scholarship, and mentorship opportunities to fill such voids. EAR also has career employment with the United States Postal Service and Chicago Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital.

Next Steps...

To find out more info about any of EAR business ventures please check out their websites: and To find more info regarding EAR personally please follow his social media or contact via email. Transparency is a value in building the brand of Elijah Akeem Richardson - "seek and you shall find" - but be mindful, we are ALL a work in progress!