The EAR Foundation, also known as The Foundation was incorporated in 2017 by founding president - Elijah Akeem Richardson. A non for profit with a commitment to the community and a listening EAR to what is needed. It is their mission to respond to such voids by being a resource to the public.

EAR has been recognized for various contributions to the community in past. Receiving a “Community Service Award” in 2009 from Julian High School was the beginning. Continuing to participate in two mission trips to Denver, Colorado and Belize, Central America with Group Work Camps of America followed.

The Foundation was founded on the basis of philanthropy! “To whom much is given, much is required.” Two teams and events make up the core of The Foundation - community liaisons and NFP advisors; two annual events - donors banquet and summers arrival. The Foundation has social interest in combating community deterioration, lessening neighborhood tension and eliminating juvenile delinquency. It is also their goal to relieve the poor, distressed, and underprivileged while advancing education through workshop, charity, mentorship, and scholarship

The EAR Foundation is recognized by Illinois State Attorney General as a non for profit charity / solicitation for donations January 2018, and is currently being reviewed by Internal Revenue Service for tax exempt status. The Foundation board of directors are: Elijah Richardson, JoAnn Brown, and Jaunita Payne.

2018 Calendar of Events

FEBURARY - Homeless Feeding TBA

APRIL - Financial Freedom: Budgeting, Credit Repair, and Real Estate Investing

JUNE - Annual Summer Event TBA

AUGUST - Scholarship Announcement

NOVEMBER- Annual Donors Banquet Charity Event

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