About Rich Estates

RICH ESTATES LLC is a family owned comprehensive real estate company with obligations to communities underserved. It consist of an advisory and administrative board which hold the philosophy of "People First, Profit Second." Having the ability to: purchase, sell, manage, and rent real estate property is just the foundation. Rich Estates LLC also offers real estate coaching, investing, and facilitation of most things related to real estate property.

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Rich Estates LLC has partnered with REMAX NEXT to assist individuals in acquiring and selling real estate property. An aggressive team of efficient real estate brokers aid in acquiring residential, investment, and commercial property. EAR is currently licensed in state of Illinois and pursuing licensure in Georgia.

Residential/ Property Management

Rich Estates LLC currently offers management of various types of real estate property. Possessing an ownership portfolio enables the ability to provide residence to those also seeking apartment leases. In addition we offer property management for those who do not desire the hassle of everyday management of their investment property. And  individuals who are not equipped with the knowledge or resources to manage their own residential property can entrust Rich Estates. Our systemic approach and philosophy is what sets us apart.

Real Estate Investing

Rich Estates LLC also offers investing within the real estate market. Investing includes many things: (not limited to) financial investment within real property, workshop/ coaching, and rehab management. Our commitment to underprivileged individuals is the core of our foundation. It is our goal to help others achieve financial freedom through real estate investing.

Administrative Board


Our administrative board consist of successful individuals who handle day to day operations. The systemic approach to business is what aids in the effectiveness and ability to manage a vast portfolio of real property and services offered.

For more information

For more information please visit our website, RichEstatesLLC.com where you can learn more about our services and what we stand on. You can also find more information regarding EAR as a real estatebroker on erichardson.illinoisproperty.com and http://www.remaxnext.com